Clean Water Initiative

Posted in New Future on 05/18/12


Give Clean Water’s (GCW) aim is to provide and install clean water filters in people’s homes so no matter what type of water they have access to, these families will always have clean water to drink. Our team last year was lucky enough to partner with Tavaura Island Resort to work with GCW to bring clean drinking water filters to local villages in Momi and Nabila.

This year, we are doing the same with Tavarua Island Resort and Island Restaurants and heading into the villages Cuvu and Yako. The Team at GCW will also be following up again on the homes where filters were installed last year.

Give Clean Water utilizes water filters made by Sawyer Products known as the Point One Filter.  The Point One Filter removes 99.999% of all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts like E.Coli, Cholera and Typhoid.  Each filter is certified for ABSOLUTE microns. That means there will be no pore size larger than 0.1 microns in the biological filter.  Therefore, no matter the quality of water a family has access to, they can always drink clean, bacteria free water.

The filters have been successfully tested to filter one million gallons, which easily means the filter will last for the recipient’s lifetime. The filters will be installed either directly onto a running water facet in one’s home or will be attached to a bucket so river water, bore hole or well water may be used.  The bucket filters utilize gravity to filter the water.

Education Component:

With each installation Give Clean Water educates the family on the importance of drinking clean, bacteria free water.  They utilize picture posters to teach the family how water gets contaminated with bacteria and how that makes the family sick.  Additionally, they explain that bacteria can not be seen with the naked eye, so even though the water looks clean it can actually be very dangerous.  Finally, each family is educated on how to use the filter and how to clean and maintain the filter.

Watch the video from last year’s expedition here and learn more about Give Clean Water at


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