2013 VQS Global Champs – Day One Highlights

Posted in 2013 Fiji Pro on 06/04/13

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Today was an epic first day of competition at The VQS Global Champs.  Cloudbreak was in the 4 to 6 foot range with near flawless conditions.

The day started out with The VQS Global Champs and the guys were treated to some amazing waves.  The standouts were Miguel Tudela (Peru), Jordan Lawler (Aus) and Tom Cloarec (Fra) who scored a 10 point ride on a lengthy Cloudbreak tube.

After witnessing the quality of waves and surfing during round one of the VQS was put on hold and the WCT jumped out into the line up. The VQS did not resume of the rest of the day, but it was an epic start for the guys in front of the worlds best.

Song: “Exact Copy of This Basement”
Artist: Single Frame
Album: Body/End/Basement

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