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Posted in Strange Brains on 04/25/13

It’s not a competition of who’s on the weirdest mission. It’s just a celebration of your mental calibration. Wavelengths flutter like a bird that’s stuck in butter. Felling gray matter with a stack of cruddy clutter.
Strange Brains

from the strange brain of: heitor pereira

edit: itamar guimarĂ£es

producers: matt shuster, diego motta, daniel cortez

- Music -
Song: “Comedians” (instrumental version)
Artist: Riverboat Gamblers
Release: The Wolf You Feed
Buy on iTunes: http://georiot.co/4BGL
Buy on 12″ Vinyl: https://store.volcoment.com/item/147081

capturers: itamar guimarĂ£es, pablo aguiar, bruno baroni, tatiane araujo, marcelo dada pelosine, bruno lemos, akiwas

theme song creators/performers: ozzie wright, mike aho

strange brains graphics: ozzie wright, mike aho

veeco productions

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